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Arlington Budoshin JuJitsu Dojo: Self Defense for the Rest of Us
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We believe in the right of every woman to defend herself. If you do not have the time to commit to a regular weekly training program this workshop is for you. We offer this hands-on practical class every few months. No prior martial arts experience is needed. The next workshop is scheduled as follows:

Sunday, June 16, 2013, 2:00 to 5:30pm

$30 (discount for YMCA full members)

3422 13th Street North, Arlington

 To register, please contact the YMCA Arlington

I’d strongly recommend it. I was surprised to learn how easy it can be to fight back, even with a larger attacker.

Even if you forget the techniques, it’s good to know you, even as a potential victim, can affect a situation to your benefit.

These are good skills for city dwelling women to have.

Everyone needs this skill, practice, and training!

It was a great experience and I will tell my friends!

The unit on asserting oneself verbally is really valuable.

This is an excellent value for the one-on-one training!

You will be surprised at how effective the simplest things can be, and with hardly any training.

We can bring this workshop to your work or social group. Please contact us for additional information.


Arlington Rape Crisis: 703-228-1550

Domestic Violence Counseling: 703-228-1550

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Women practicing martial arts is not new. Here is some great footage from the early 20th century... May Whitley demonstrates jiujitsu self defence techniques in a newsreel shot in 1931.

Here is one of our young women students — in high school at the time — now attending Brigham Young University. The exercise has one student attacking the other student repeatedly. The defender does not know what the attack will be ahead of time, a crucial practice for learning true self-defense. The attacks are a variety of grabs and strikes. Once the defender initiates her defensive move the attacker cooperates to avoid the injury he would likely sustain in a real street confrontation.


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