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1. [Common Usage] throw one's opponent down
2. The name given to the person who performs the throw in a contest. Nage is the equivalent of Tori in Judo, and of Shite in Aikido.
4. throw
7. throw or to throw
nage waza


1. [Common Usage] throwing techniques
2. Nage no Kata These are the Kata or forms of throwing Uke. The Kodokan style of Judo includes, in the techniques of Nage no Kata, forms of throwing from a standing position (Tachi-waza) as well as throwing oneself to the ground in order to bring off an effective throw (Sutemi-waza).
3. (naw-gay wa'za) "throwing techniques" One of the three basic categories into which judo and aikido can be subdivided.
5. throwing techniques
6. Formal throws
9. throwing techniques
10. A category of Judo techniques. These are throwing techniques.
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ne waza


1. [Judo] groundwork or grappling techniques
2. [Judo] The range of techniques carried out on the floor (Ne). These consist of immobilizations (Osae-waza, often called hold-downs), locking or bending the joints (Kansetsu-waza), and strangulation and choking techniques (Shime-waza). Such techniques are allowed only if Tori has not scored an Ippon when he or she throws Uke.
3. (neh wa'za) "ground techniques," "groundwork," or "grappling techniques" The collective name for judo techniques performed while fighters are on the ground. Often referred to as matwork or holddowns.
7. groundwork
9. mat techniques
The term ne-waza (mat work) is sometimes used in place of katame-waza, but it is misleading in that not all katame-waza are executed while lying on the mat. Some stragleholds and joint locks, for example, can be applied from a standing position.
10. A term that means those techniques which are performed on the floor, usually called groundwork techniques. In Judo and Jujutsu, ground techniques include strangulations, immobilizations and armlocks.
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1. [Common Usage] two
3. (nee) "two" or "second"
4. two
8. two

nozo no reference; see nodo
nozo shioku waza
4. Throat (Trachea) Attack
Bring your right hand up and extend your fingertips until they rest on your attacker's trachea just below his larynx. Keeping your fingers straight, thrust against the attacker's trachea and straighten your arm. Once your arm is fully extended keep it fully extended, stepping forward with your right foot to execute the technique.
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