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ippon seoi nage


1. [Judo] one-arm front shoulder throw
2. [Judo] "Shoulder throw" Tori turns into Uke with a hip movement so that his or her right shoulder is under Uke's right armpit at the same time gripping Uke's right arm by the sleeve with both hands. By bending his or her own body forward and tipping Uke in the same direction, Tori throws Uke over his or her shoulder to the mat.
3. (eep'pan-say-oh-na'geh) "one-arm shoulder throw" A judo technique in which the opponent is thrown over one shoulder. A frequently used tournament technique. See also seoi-nage.
4. one-arm hip throw
Grab [your opponent's] right sleeve with your left hand and strike his solar plexus with your right fist as you move towards him. Step to the inside of your attacker's right foot with your right foot. Your right arm goes under his right arm. Pivot to your left on the ball of your right foot as you bring your left foot back. Squat straight down so that your waist is below his waist and his right thigh is resting between your buttocks. Hold your opponent tight against your back. Lift your opponent off of the ground by straightening your legs and bending over at the waist. Throw attacker by turning to your left and looking to your left.
6. one armed shoulder throw
9. One-Arm Shoulder
A variation of seoi-nage. Your left hand holds your opponent's right inner sleeve. As you pivot, slip your right arm through his right armpit and grab the top of his sleeve or his right shoulder. In other respects, execution of the technique is the same.
10. [Judo] One Arm Shoulder Throw or Arm Around the Shoulder Throw
Gripping the opponent's sleeve, the practitioner then throws him or her over the shoulder.
1. [Common Usage] entering; an entering movement
2. This is the positive aspect (Omote) of any defensive technique. The aim is to allow an opponent's force to be used against him or her, by yielding. This maneuver produces a simultaneous counter-attack. It is also called Tenkan, O-irimi.
See: Irimi-nage, Irimi-tsuki, and Irimi-uke.
10. The method of using any opponent's force against him or her. Also called tenkan, o-irimi.
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