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see also hiji
1. Empi [Karate] the Japanese name for the Okinawan kata Wanshu
empi uchi [Karate] elbow strike
2. ‘Elbow’. In the language of former times: Hiji.
3. (em'pee) “elbow”
6. elbow
7. elbow
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1. [Common Usage] lapel, collar
2. lapel
3. (eh'ree) “lapel”
4. collar
7. neck band or lapel
eri dori
1. [Judo, Karate, Aikido] lapel grab
2. eri tori [Aikido] A series of nine defences against grips on the collar or lapels of the clothing:
Hiji Nobashi Eri-tori Mae Ryo-te Shime Age Eri-tori Tsuki-age
Hiji Nage Mae Eri-tori Tsukomi-jime Ushiro Eri Obi-tori
Ryo-te Eri-tori Eri-tori Yokomen Uchi Ushiro Katate Tori Eri-jime
eri jimi
1. [Judo] a strangulation technique that uses the lapels of the judogi to choke the opponent
2. [Judo] One of the groundwork techniques (ne-waza), strangulation using lapels of the Judo-gi.
4. eri shimi (submit after Tomoe Nage)
...keep hold of the attacker and roll over next to him by rolling on your left knee to come up onto your right foot. Your right hand has brought his left lapel over to the right side of his neck, with your right thumb into the nerve of his neck. Pull up with your left hand, automatically setting the choke and nerve attack.
10. [Judo] One of the several strangulation techniques in which the lapels of the opponent’s uniform are used as a weapon.
eri nage
4. Lapel Wheel Throw
Your attacker grabs your clothing with both hands. Bring your left hand up and grab the attacker’s left lapel as high as possible, your palm facing out. Then grab his opposite lapel at about mid-chest height with your right hand. Pull your attacker towards you with your right hand to set the choke. Step back with your left foot as you pivot to your left to throw. Your right hand should continue pulling his right lapel and your left forearm should be firmly lodged under his chin, choking him.
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