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Ube Makikomi

Ube Makikomi - 1  Ube Makikomi - 2  Ube Makikomi - 3

Tori: Robert L. Connolly
Uke: Austin Scully

Tori's comments: This technique is effective against a rear choke. If someone attacks you from behind with a choke, grab both of the attacker’s hands at the thumbs (grab as close to the palm of your attacker’s hands as possible). Your own thumbs should be pointing toward the ground as you grab the attacker. As you grab your attacker's thumbs to release the choke, step back slightly with your left foot. Stepping back helps to release the choke and sets up your next move. You should now have a strong grip on your attacker’s thumbs with your right hand slightly higher than your left. In class we execute a throw from this position by moving your arms in a circular motion (as if you are pedaling a bicycle with your arms) and stepping forward with the left foot. You could use the same technique in actual self-defense to ensure a definite release from the choke and escape. It is unlikely, however, that a mugger would execute a proper side fall.

I like this technique because it provides release from an unsafe position. It also takes two of the attacker’s weapons (his hands) away from him immediately. It also enables the defender to turn and at least have the attacker in his line of sight. This kind of attack allows for any set-up technique prior to executing the release and throw. It is possible to strike your attacker with a heel thrust kick to the knee or groin, an elephant stomp to the foot, or with elbows to the ribs and/or solar plexus.

Ube Makikomi works well by using the thumb as the lever to exert force on your Uke. In most cases your hand grip will be stronger than your Uke’s thumb. The hand will follow the thumb. The arm will follow the hand. The body will follow the arm. As Professor Kirby points out (page 88), you can also grab the Uke’s little finger instead, though getting the grip is a bit more awkward.

If your attacker is really trying to hurt you (rather than give you a neck massage), don’t take your time getting out of this attack. If they succeed in cutting off the blood supply to your brain by compressing both carotid arteries, you have four to eight seconds before you lose consciousness.

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