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Kubi Shioku Waza

Kubi Shioku Waza - 1  Kubi Shioku Waza - 2  Kubi Shioku Waza - 3

Tori: Kevin Brennan
Uke: Aaron Kromer

Tori's comments: This technique is well suited for the attack. The only real danger to the tori is if they react too soon and parry the knife’s edge instead of the uke’s forearm. Another danger is that if the uke’s arm is not sufficiently trapped, they could bring the knife to bear on the back of your head, but that is why the tori puts his head down and tries to trap the uke’s arm as far into the armpit as they can. Also, the pain generated by this technique usually causes the uke to drop the knife. So should they escape from this technique somehow, they can be more easily dealt with. As has been said, knives are nasty.

Knives are nasty. As Sensei Susie says, if you’re in a knife fight, someone is going to get cut.

While there are a number of defenses from this knife attack (a lunging thrust to the stomach), Kubi Shioku Waza (page 134) may be the easiest to learn and is likely to require the least accuracy. The trick here, if there is one, is to move fast. The Tori steps (“leap” would work) in and to the outside of the attack (that is, assuming the Uke is attacking with their right hand, step to the left). As the Tori steps left they use a cross body perry to keep the Uke from tracking them with the knife.

Next, the Tori steps forward as they throw their right arm up under the Uke’s right arm, getting as high into the armpit as possible. The last step is to step slightly behind the Uke. The Tori grabs their right hand (palm down) with their left hand (palm up). As the Tori pulls their hands in towards their own chest, their right radial bone will push into the left side of the Uke’s neck. At the same time, the Uke’s right arm should be push high and out of the way. The Tori duck’s their head and squeezes as if their life depended on it.

Knives are nasty.

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