The peace that comes from balance and flexibility represented by two tongues of fire balancing, surrounded by a flexilbe ring of bamboo.
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Obi Nage

Obi Nage - 1  Obi Nage - 2  Obi Nage - 3

Tori: Kimberly E. Burnett
Uke: Kate J. Bentley

Tori's comments:

I like this throw because it is more acrobatic than most others, and especially fun. After rolling your attacker over you, and then rolling over his/her head onto your attacker, there are two possible finishing techniques. One is to throw one or two elbow strikes to your attacker’s face. The other is a choke hold obtained by grabbing the right side of your attacker’s gi or shirt collar and rolling your knuckles into the Vagus nerve. Meanwhile, grab the left side of your attacker’s gi or shirt collar with your left hand and pull down. This causes your right knuckles to exert more pressure on your attacker’s neck, setting the choke.

While demonstrating a defense against a tackle (Obi Nage), Kim is also demonstrating the versatility of her Ju-Jitsu training. George Kirby demonstrates this throw as a defense against a right round-house punch (p. 88). Here, Kim is using the same throw against a tackle.Kim’s uke has run into her attempting to strike Kim in the stomach or solar plexus with her right shoulder. Rather than meet this onrushing force with more force, she has gone with the attack by stepping backwards and sitting down, the uke’s head encircled by Kim’s right arm. As Kim is going back and down, she guides the uke over her right shoulder by grabbing the uke’s belt in back with her left hand.She also boosts the uke’s right foot up and over with her own right foot.

At this point Kim has completed the basic throw. She finishes the technique by continuing her soft ushiro ukemi and rolling over her own right shoulder to end straddling her uke’s stomach. This has the advantage of getting Kim off her back, above her attacker, and in a more defensible position in case there are additional attackers. She submits her uke with a variation of okuri eri jimi (setting the choke from the front rather than from behind the uke).

Obi Nage appears similar to Judo’s Tawara Gaeshi (Rice Bail Throw), a counter to Moroto Gari. However, while Tawara Gaeshi is a strength move, Obi Nage uses the tori’s weight and the uke’s momentum to execute the throw.

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