The peace that comes from balance and flexibility represented by two tongues of fire balancing, surrounded by a flexilbe ring of bamboo.
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Ude-Gatami — or — Ude Gatami

Ude Gatami - 1  Ude Gatami - 2

Ude Gatami - 3 Tori: Austin Scully
Uke: Robert L. Connolly

Tori's comments:

This particular Ude Guruma (also known as Ude Gatame) is a submission technique that may be performed standing or on the ground. While there are many ways to get into the hold, the effect is always to put pressure on the elbow joint in a way that hyper-extends the joint.

In this example, the Tori has blocked the Uke’s round-house punch with a left outward block and continued the block around to wrap his left arm around the Uke’s right arm. Uke’s hand or wrist is caught in Tori’s left arm pit, palm up. Tori’s left forarm is either under the elbow joint (ideal) or upper arm. Tori puts his right hand on Uke’s shoulder for additional control and stability. Tori completes the bracing by grabbing his right arm with his left hand.

Once in this position, the Tori puts pressure on the Uke’s elbow by lifting up with his left forearm — bending his left wrist may be all that is needed for this movement. Uke’s arm doesn’t move up (it is held down by the Uke’s own weight at the shoulder end and the Tori’s weight at the hand end), and the weak point is the elbow joint.

instructor comment

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