The peace that comes from balance and flexibility represented by two tongues of fire balancing, surrounded by a flexilbe ring of bamboo.
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Ube Shioku Waza

Ube Shioku Waza - 1  Ube Shioku Waza - 2  Ube Shioku Waza - 3

Tori: Aaron Kromer
Uke: Kevin Brennan

Aaron's comments: Ube Shioku Waza, thumb tip press, is a simple and effective technique. The basic mechanics of this particular technique are not hard to comprehend and thus make it a fairly easy technique to utilize. But, getting the right positioning of the hand in order to deal out enough pain will minimal effort takes more practice. This technique is good because it follows the KISS rule, "keep it simple, stupid" (SEALs I think). If things get too complicated they take to long to learn and their effectiveness decreases. This technique is good because it is fairly simple, and can be followed up with an variety of strikes, throws, and other submissions.

Simple and effective, Ube Shioku Waza is an intermediate technique between a release (example: Katate Dori) and full defense (example: Tekubi Shimi Waza). This technique gets you loose, provides some measure of control over your attacker, but does not escalate the incident to a full out battle. It also does not draw a lot of attention (as Ippon Seoi Nage might), which can be an advantage at those Sunday Socials.

The technique works by hyper flexing the last joint of the thumb. This removes the Uke’s thumb from the grip and causes pain (weaking the fingers). To do this, the Tori lays their thumb on top of the Uki’s thumb and just a little beyond it. The Tori then presses down and back with their own thumb. To brace their hand, the Tori straddles the Uke’s wrist placing their first two fingers on one side and last two fingers on the other side.

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