The peace that comes from balance and flexibility represented by two tongues of fire balancing, surrounded by a flexilbe ring of bamboo.
Arlington Budoshin JuJitsu Dojo: Self Defense for the Rest of Us


The Arlington Budoshin JuJitsu Dojo is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing self-defense training. Our adult class costs $63 for an eight-week session once a week, or $112 for an eight week session twice a week. This comes to less than $8 per class! If you are signing up in the middle of a session, you get pro-rated costs. You will need to pay an annual fee of $60 for YMCA Program membership. If you are a YMCA member already, you get a discount for the class price. Full member prices are $53 per once a week attendance and $95 for twice a week. Only $6 per class!

In addition, anyone who is registered for class (once or twice per week) can attend our Saturday afternoon Open Mat practice free of charge (donations are accepted).

Family class is $53 for an eight week session for full members and $63 for program members. Please contact the YMCA for membership and registration details.

Note that the cost of the class is subject to change per YMCA policy.

We do not charge for testing. A gi currently costs approximately $40 (a gi is not need to start the class and we recommend new students complete a session before deciding to purchase one).

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