The peace that comes from balance and flexibility represented by two tongues of fire balancing, surrounded by a flexilbe ring of bamboo.
Arlington Budoshin JuJitsu Dojo: Self Defense for the Rest of Us
Syllabus: Rokyu - Green Belt

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General Knowledge



  • Show proper method of rolling up gi and tying it formally
Te No Tatake
  • Five-Star Block
Atemi Waza
  • Form 1
Atemi Waza — Ashi Tatake
  • front snap kick
  • rear heel thrust
  • snapping heels
Shioku Waza
Shimi Waza
  • bear hug, rear
  • choke, front
  • handshake
  • headlock
  • lapel grab, double
  • lapel grab, single
  • punch, round-house
  • punch, straight
  • wrist grab, both wrists
  • wrist grab, cross-arm
  • wrist grab, straight arm
  • wrist grab, two hand (two on one)

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